Wednesday, December 25, 2013

25 days of Christmas ornaments (Part 4)

Merry Christmas! Before I tell all of our Christmas fun, and finally show pictures of our actual Christmas trees....

I guess I'd better finish sharing my 25 days of Christmas ornaments! Here are days 21-25, which include some of my favorites!

Day 21: 
This beautiful, fragile glass tube has always been a favorite since I was a little girl. 
Three of them are on my little pink tree.

Day 22: 
My beautiful pink ballerina on my little pink tree. My sister has the matching white one.

Day 23: 
An ornament I painted for EB to have this year! We love our lil pup to pieces!

Day 24:
One of the few ornaments of mine mom has not relinquished. 
She loves my Simba. {Mom's tree}

Day 25: 
One of my all-time favorites, Eve and Wall-E. {Disney tree} 

More holiday fun soon! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas day with family and friends!

Mrs. Jones

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