Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25 days of Christmas ornaments (Part 3)

Well, this month has been FLYING by, that's for sure. I can't believe how fast the holidays got here. And now it's almost time to celebrate!

To keep things rolling, here's part 3 in my ornament show and tell!

Day 15:
This precious little guy joined our tree on day 15 thanks to dear friends and supper club! 

Day 16:
In honor of Monday morning, it's just one of my lovely Starbucks ornaments today!

Day 17: 

Oh bother... One of our new ornaments this year, thanks to Mr. Jones. {Disney tree}

Day 18: 
Just a little Mickey magic on the Disney tree... This one is a new one Mr. Jones gave me this year!

Day 19: 

My version of #TBT to remember a fabulous trip across France in 2009.

Day 20: 

Five years ago today I married my best friend. Then we went to Disney World. 

Just one installment left! Merry Christmas everyone!

Mrs. Jones

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