Friday, June 13, 2014

Moving On: Visit my new blog!

It was time for a change, and I hope you will join me on my new blog, and on Twitter at @jessiepjones!

Mrs. Jones

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dream big...

Another week begins... let's do this!

Mrs. Jones

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Funday...

Let's do this. Here's to another week. 
Good attitudes, good friends and good times!

Mrs. Jones

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cleaning out my bookshelf...

It's been a good week, and I've got a few more book reviews to share with you today! I've been getting better about reading continuously and not just reading for a few days and stopping, and I feel like it's been a great thing for my mindset and relaxation. I'm enjoying it immensely - and especially enjoying being able to read so many new books through NetGalley, so that makes it even better.

Here's what I'm reading and thinking about lately....

While I enjoyed parts of this book, it wasn't as intriguing as many surrounding royal life in the historical sense that I have read previously. The writing was good, but it just seemed to drag on and on at points - and it got sad! I think this is because the book chooses to follow the mother of the Boleyn gils life instead of one of them as many other novels have chosen to do. I think it just depends on what you are looking for in a historical fiction novel as to if you will enjoy this book or not. // Read via NetGalley. More information available here.

I absolutely loved – and promptly flew through reading – Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Claire. This book was everything. It was fun, romantic, entertaining and hilarious. It follows one of the members of “The Billionaire Boys Club” – Griffin Verdi – who is the member of a royal family in a small European country. He’s smart, and has to travel home for a royal wedding when one of his fellow club members and friends lends him an assistant after his falls ill. This little assistant is Maylee – a hard-working backwoods country girl – and they are a disaster working together. You will laugh from one page to the next and be pleasantly surprised with how the story plays out. Good writing, and it left me wanting to read the other “Billionaire Boys Club” novels! // Read via NetGalley. Cost: $2.99. More info available here

Essence by Mackenzie Lucas was one of the most original books I have read in quite a while. It had a different setting, a different love story – and it was just good all around! I love that it was set around a serene location – and the luxury spa was fun to read about. It really did make me want to schedule a massage and a great mani/pedi though, so beware!  Haven Jameson always wanted to own her own spa in the perfect paradise. She’s established her successful luxury spa in St. Augustine, Florida and all is well…. Then the land next door gets sold to a mega developer and she’s terrified of what could happen. In the midst of meeting the new (hot) developer, she finds out her late husband cheater on her, and now it seems like all bets are off. Following along with the story of Haven and Essence is a great time! Read via NetGalley. Costs $2.99. More information available here.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Puppy spring break...

It has been a fun spring break here in Alabama, but yesterday morning just took the cake as far as funny moments with Eve Belle during my extra time around the house.

Mr. Jones left for work around 7:30, so I was awake, and managed to get out of bed pretty quickly. At about 7:50, I decided to get my workout done and hop on the treadmill in our office.

This was how I left the little pup....

And I worked out for an hour, did a load of laundry, and came back into our room...
This is what I found...

She was still being lazy and loving it, but her eyes were open slightly and her tongue was hanging out. So I left her, and started getting ready. Everything from the shower to the hair dryer ran, and by the time I was done, not much had changed for her.

She'd even gone back to sleep. She finally drug herself out of bed around 10:30 when I put fresh food down for her. But I just had to giggle at what a lazy dog she is in the morning. She got some extra sleep in yesterday for sure, because after I ran errands and ate lunch (about 6 house out of the house), when I came back home, she was WIRED and ready to play.

It's a dogs life around here this week!

Mrs. Jones