Thursday, August 22, 2013

A first time for everything...

About six weeks ago, I started an adventure. 

I'm out of shape, heavier than I want to be - and I'm finally fed up with it. I'm ready to start taking a whole lot better care of myself, so it was time to do something to change things up.

I committed to the Couch to 5K training program, and to my first 5K with The Color Run on Sept. 7.

Yikes. Y'all, I was afraid. Very afraid.

I have never, ever been a runner. And it hasn't been easy, but five weeks in, I'm surviving it. Which is more than I thought I had the strength to do when I started.

I've had some awesome supportive family members - my sister and my husband especially. And my mom has been willing to do anything to encourage me. That means the world when you're starting a tough journey you know?

I can't believe I've stayed silent for five weeks of this training, but I wanted to be sure I could commit to it and do it before I put it out there. But now it's here to stay. I'm hoping to run (most of) a 5K in September, October and November. After that, I'd love to add some Pure Barre and fitness classes in to mix it up.

I'm looking for a little advice now too.... what are you favorite fitness secrets? Clothing brands? Running shoes? I need LOTS of advice - and any support you've got to offer to!

Here's to a life-changing adventure,
Mrs. Jones


  1. Good for you!! That's awesome!
    I've started & stopped the C25k plan like 5 times now. I need my motivation back to actually complete it. Maybe I should register for a 5k that's about 6-8 weeks out... Keep it up girl!! You can do it!!

  2. Good for you! I've done this on and off for forever but really, REALLY need to make it a priority. And I LOVE the barre classes. I'm sure you have them in your area, but I do Barre3 online and love it.

  3. You're going to do just fine! My advice is to simply have fun. If you over train or get to the point where you dread your workouts, it's time to re-evaluate your training methods (I had to do this when training for our half marathon last year). And reward yourself when you achieve your goals. This too, will help you stay motivated. I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  4. You go girl! Look into the RunKeeper phone app. They've got a couch to 5k program right on there that I use (and love). If you're wanting a buddy look me up on there!

  5. Favorite workout tops for any kind of workout are Under Armour muscle tanks... and anything else that has wicking and is racerback and flowy.
    For running shorts, I like the marika brand 4" inseam. I really don't like poofy shorts (Nike tempo) so these are my favorites.
    For pure barre, tight crops from Gap Fit or, recently, Lululemon. I gave in and no regrets.

  6. All of your updates on the program have got it on my mind too. I have been trying to do it but I keep getting side tracked. But one of these days, I want to run a 5K. Maybe I can find one in the fall to sign up for and get it done?

  7. Great job!!! I've downloaded that app, but haven't even opened it. I'm so afraid of running. I hate it. That being said, I love to do 5Ks and The Color Run is awesome. You are going to have so much fun!!

  8. You're going to rock it!!! I'm not much of a runner myself...but some fitness tips? Hmm...I would say just make sure you're having fun...change it up so you don't get bored...and make goals (which you are doing!)