Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sweet Home Amy - A book review

Well now.... I didn't drop too far off the map, did I? Oops. Forgive me. Work, exhaustion and life kicked my butt for the last few weeks, but I'm finally back at it full force, and ready to share a little more with you about Sweet Home Amy by Amy Green!

One of the lovely things I read while NOT blogging or reading blogs lately was to read Amy Green's precious new book. Now, I'll be very honest. Her experiences are so incredibly far from my experiences that to me, her real life story felt like just that - a story. Sometimes I'd forget that I was reading the real-life story of a blog friend. But that's the mark of a great book isn't it? I think so. If you escape your world for a while, and dream and imagine and think.... that's why I read.

I loved her book. Amy is a brilliant writer who makes you laugh and cry while you read her story! To get a digital copy for just $2.99, click here - or order a print copy of her book for $8.99 here!

You know I'm a hard copy kind of girl - but when it comes with a sweet note inside? It's even better!

Here's to you, Amy Green! Thanks for sharing your story, and inspiring the rest of us to always keep writing!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Oh how fun to read something by someone you actually know!

  2. I've missed you! Glad you are blogging this weekend :)