Saturday, February 9, 2013

On the hunt for glasses?

I'm not sure how many readers know, but I have terrible eyes! The life of a writer and editor, I guess, right? Well, if you're the same way, you know a great pair of glasses eyeglasses is exactly what you need when you're fed up with your contacts for the night (or the entire weekend if you're having a lazy one like I am!)

So, I wanted to share a little bit about with all of you lovely readers! They have great customer service, and I've been browsing there for my next pair! I've only got one pair right now, and I need a backup!

This fun site offers high quality glasses frames and lenses - and they have a 110 percent lowest price guarantee. You know I'm all about saving money! On top of that, they have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which is huge for me when I'm shopping online!

The cool feature they've introduced is their Virtual Mirror! How cool is this? You can check yourself out in online eyeglasses!


And, in case you're looking to make a purchase, take advantage of their fabulous storewide offer right now:
- 15 percent off PLUS free shipping on orders over $50 with the code FS15
- 10 percent off any order of prescription glasses with the code Blog10

Happy shopping!

Mrs. Jones

(Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are, as always mine alone!)

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  1. I have awful vision too. I have to get the expensive lenses that make the glass thinner because if not, I'd have a crazy coke bottle lens!