Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bye, bye, Birchbox...

Well, I blogged last month about Birchbox being on its final legs in this household. While my September box wasn't terrible, it wasn't enough to redeem itself to continue, so for now, I'll be taking a break from Birchbox.

The highlight was this cute little nail polish - and possibly the Bulgari fragrance. It may not be a permanent break, but it'll last through Christmas at least. 

Anyone else ending a subscription service right now, or are you still in love with yours? I'm still keeping my  Julep Maven box, because it can be skipped for a month, which I like. Just wanted to share my thoughts....

Mrs. Jones


  1. i cancelled mine the very day i received my september box. i am donating that $10 to an animal resue instead.

  2. i still love mine. i guess i try not to be so hard on them. i like getting mail and i like sampling products, so i generally like my box. when i start comparing mine to others and analyzing value of each sample is when i start feeling less content. i know i'd just be wasting the $10 elsewhere, so i keep my subscription!

  3. I cancelled mine back in April or so. I was so disappointed with the products. I keep hearing more and more people cancelling.

  4. Oh that's a bummer. :( I've heard good things about the boxes from you and others, but not in recent months. I wonder if they're changing the selections for a reason?

  5. My September box arrived SO late, I haven't even opened it yet! Hopefully it isn't as disappointing to me as yours was to you. I'm still fairly new to BB, and last month I loved basically everything, so I'm sticking with it for the time being.