Saturday, September 29, 2012

A spectacular Vue...

I was beyond ecstatic a few weeks ago when I found out I was one of 2,000 selected to host a House Party for Keurig's new Vue Brewer. Y'all know my coffee obsession. This just made it even worse, because it is an AMAZING addition to my kitchen. Plus? This $250 coffee maker was NOT in my budget, so House Party and Keurig giving me one to try for free? Totally awesome. I'm grateful.

Even the big brown box got me excited to see what was inside! And boy, did it live up to the hype! It's certainly a beautiful little thing, isn't it?

What I love the most about the Keurig Vue is the custom brew technology they put in place. It's completely digital, and you can choose to brew stronger coffee, larger coffee (there are Vue packs specially made to brew a bigger cup at the correct strength), hotter coffee, and a bigger variety of drinks.

There are three main settings, and I've used two of them so far. You can brew coffee like normal. But there are settings for tea, speciality cafe drinks, cocoa and iced beverages. Talk about awesome!

This was the first box I got from Keurig - my House Party package came later, and I'll share that in another post. But WHEW! I was excited.

Do you have a Keurig? Which one? I have had two Keurigs in the last four years. The Vue upgraded from a B40 elite, which was only a year old. I'm taking it to the office so I have great coffee there now as well!

More on my House Party and the Vue soon....

Mrs. Jones

Important to note: As I said, Keurig and House Party provided me with all of these items for free. But you are getting my honest opinion on these products (as always!)


  1. How exciting!!! I've always wanted a Keurig, but it just isn't in our budget right now (since we are saving for the adoption). Which K-cup flavor is your favorite?

  2. We love our Keurig! I cant want to have the baby so I can go back to my morning coffee on the porch routine!

  3. I'm in love with my Keurig (the basic one that doesn't do timed coffee starts) and I can't imagine how I'd be without it. Me and no caffeine - it's not a pretty picture.