Thursday, May 10, 2012

Primal Update #3

Well, I started this post with all these pictures in early April before pneumonia hit... I still want to share a few fun pictures of my spaghetti squash and stir-fry! I did not stick with this plan while barely eating for a few weeks when I was sick, but this week we are transitioning back to primal eating slowly.

Chicken salad is one of Mr. Jones' favorite lunches. I need to make it for him again soon. There are tomatoes galore growing on our plants, and I can't wait until we are just picking and eating straight from our garden. That will be so enjoyable, and we'll be eating oodles of tomatoes then! :-)

The only good news from this month was the weight loss - even while eating mainly carbs and junk that was all I wanted - my weight dropped, so now I'm down 18 pounds and the goal is to keep on going!

XOXO and I'll be back with a more "real" update soon,
Mrs. Jones


  1. 18 POUNDS?!?!? WHOA GIRL!! YOU GO!!

  2. I know how being sick can put you back, since you just want to eat what sounds good and not necessarily what is healthy for you. I'm so impressed that you're losing that much weight! Good for you!