Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adventures in garden prep...

The weekend before Easter, I spent two full days hauling massive 27-pound bricks from Lowe's to my house to build our raised garden bed. It took forever, and I did most of it myself, but I couldn't be happier with the results!

The first try was a little small, so I lengthened it and kept going! The second attempt was much better!

I love this picture showing the house in the background - and EB! She hated the garden at first, but she hasn't torn anything up since that first weekend, thank heavens!


I had started some precious little seedlings, but they all died while I was sick. Oh well, that's what plants are for, right? I would have loved to have started some stuff from seeds, but next year!

We also have two tomato planters that are amazing for keeping tomato plants watered the right way. I'm such a fan! The first one is already growing amazingly! It's got about 10 tomato buds already! The second planter was just done this weekend!

This is what the garden looked like until last weekend. I've planted a few more things, so I need some updated pictures, but I'll get there! I'm just so excited to see how everything grows, because I've only grown tomatoes before, so I'm ready to see how everything else does!

That's all for adventures in garden prep!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Cute! I'd love to have a raised bed--squirrels and things keep burrowing in my garden. Can't wait to see how it looks now!

  2. Looks great, love! Way to go making that raised bed yourself!

  3. The garden bed looks fantastic! How about a step-by-step DIY tutorial?! When it's time to set up our own, I know just who to call ;) Can't wait to see your produce!

  4. That looks so great! I hope everything comes through and you have a fabulous garden in no time.