Sunday, March 18, 2012

A catch-all photo post...

I have a few random photos to share today! Just some fun I've had that warrants some form of documentation from the past month or so... 

Mardi Gras. Enough said.

We finally got our Hobby Lobby back! 

I've been watching a ton of softball to cheer on my little sister...

I've snagged a few bargains as well, like $4 earrings (love the color!) and a Le Sport Sac bag to organize my purse! ($10 at TJ Maxx!)

And then, there is, as always, puppy love!

I think we're all caught up now! haha....

Happy Sunday everyone! Here's to a great start to a new week!
Mrs. Jones


  1. Love the catch up photos. What are you going to do now that you have your Hobby Lobby back? That's awesome!

  2. I love your month in pictures! Kissies to little EB!