Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest project: DumDum Tree

I did a little Pinterest project last week... It's going to decorate the office for Easter! :-) This is what I was aiming for.... (Side note: My photography skills could use some work... Ugh.)

So I took that pin, and headed out to our Wal-Mart one morning. :-) I picked up the stuff to make this for my office for less than $5! That's my kind of decoration!

What do you think? I'm a fan! I hope my co-workers enjoy it!

XOXO and Happy Easter-planning,
Mrs. Jones


  1. I love it!!! I may have to try that out!

  2. LOVE IT!!! And I love your new blog look. So adorable!

  3. What a fun and easy way to decorate! Cute!