Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little behind: Grammy thoughts...

I know it's like, a week later.... but I finally watched most of the Grammy's this afternoon! I skimmed through parts I didn't really care to see, but I made sure to stop and see all the highlights!

I loved seeing Reba do an intro. She was always one of my favorites, and she is as classy and stunning as ever now! I loved seeing her and Brooks & Dunn when I was just in middle school! :-)

I've heard Rolling in the Deep for a while now, but I downloaded it last week, and I'm rapidly on my way to becoming a HUGE Adele fan. Now if only someone would send me both of her CDs! LOL. 

She was simply stunning at the Grammys.

I thought Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston was moving and so emotional. Simply stunning. And oh, her weight loss journey. She's just classy and fabulous. I love her.  It doesn't get much better. Anyone downloaded her single of the performance? I think I'm going to. It was great.

What was your favorite part?
Just so beautiful.

Mrs. Jones

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  1. I wasn't crazy about the Grammys in general this year... but I did love: LL Cool J praying for Whitney, Adele's performance (and her many acceptance speeches), and Jennifer Hudson's tribute.