Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Starbucks Love

We all know I'm a Starbucks girl, but my sweet tumbler needs replacing/a back-up, so I 've been looking at the new version...


Such lovely simple things. Are you a Starbucks lover too?

Mrs. Jones


  1. I love my Starbucks tumbler! In Germany, the ones they sell here have domed lids, like the frappuccino style ones. So cute! I've been trying to convince TLS that we need one of those. It hasn't worked so far. :(

  2. I just got a new Starbucks tumbler too. :-) I wish I could find the candy cane replacement straws. Those suckers are so hard to find!!

  3. There is something so lovely about the plastic tumblers. Mine isn't Starbucks but an offbrand but it's great to drink ice cold water out of a straw. Don't know why but it tastes better!

  4. I got my first starbucks tumbler last week to take with me so Im not drinking out of the cup in front of my 2nd graders. It makes me happy!

  5. I use my Tervis instead of the official Starbucks one. I didn't know that they sold replacement straws, though!