Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The perfect puppy toy!

I'm only, ahem, a little in love with my sweet puppy girl Eve Belle. So, it's no surprise at all that I am always in search of the perfect toy for her!
I believe I hit the jackpot in early December with a Boots and Barkley (Target brand) toy from Target!

She got "lolephant" first, and got "garaffe" for Christmas. They are her favorite toys. It reminds me of Linus and his blanket when you see her with them.

Target doesn't sell them online, but I just wanted to share in case you are looking for a pretty indestructible toy for a crazy pup! This floppy plush toy is stuffingless, with squeakers in each arm/leg and head. So, five squeakers in each toy!

Plus, they're cute! Just wanted to share the puppy love!

Mrs. Jones


  1. good to know! my boys have never been big on toys, but I think they would love these.

  2. Sweet Delilah Belle got herself a pillow pet unicorn for Christmas. :) It's twice her size and 100% perfect for her. Isn't it fun to spoil the furbabies?!