Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miss America and random ramblings...

So, I'm a few days late.....

I was such a fan of Miss Delaware. Until she ripped off the Center Stage signature dance. That is not cool with me! Red toe shoes and all! Plus, she kind of stumbled. That was a little disappointing.

Miss Virginia was another favorite. Talk about Riverdance!!!

I still can't believe that Miss America is only 17 - talk about a life changing moment. I loved her talent dress, thought her hair looked a little poufy with her swimsuit and was kind of iffy on her gown.

What joy though! I loved her reaction and loved how she pointed to heaven to thank God. Sweet gesture. There were some horrible evening gowns that evening though. Miss New York and that black silver gown?!?! Ugh! I was surprised at the number of white gowns, especially among finalists. What did you guys think? I know quite a few people have blogged already....

By far my favorite moment of Miss America though? The 30 minute phone recap my mother-in-law and I had! :-) Now, that was fun!

It's the middle of a long week. I have so much to share! But work deadlines are looming, so I'll be back soon!

Mrs. Jones
All photos from Google Images/AP


  1. I totally missed both the telecast and the follow up from the event. Thanks for the quick recap! I can't believe the winner is 17. I did NOT look like that at 17 - I don't even look like that now! How crazy!

  2. Miss Delaware stole the Center Stage dance? Not cool!!