Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Monday: Pioneer Woman!!!

Well, it's still Monday! So, time for a little Menu Monday-ing.

For Christmas, I finally got The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond. YAY! (I have some sweet grandparents!)

Sunday night, I cracked the cookbook for the first time to make PW Potato Skins!

Forgive the iPhone pictures, I've been so lazy and haven't pulled out my big camera lately. But these? Really? They were just heavenly! I absolutely adored them and we will be having them again fairly soon!

Tonight (hence the fairly late posting) I went back to the PW cookbook, and made Chicken Spaghetti. VICTORY! I'm in LOVE with this recipe. I didn't use fryer chicken and boil it, I used chicken breasts and baked them instead. It worked perfectly anyways, and I figure maybe that's a little healthier?

I can't find the links to share, so if you need the recipes, comment and I'll get back to you!

Happy MLK Monday! It's been a wonderful day off for me. I got 90 minutes of cardio in (woooo!!!!!) and finally put the last of our Christmas stuff away. I'll take that for an awesome day, how about you?

Mrs. Jones


  1. Those sound like amazing recipes - those potato skins are making me drool. Yum!

  2. PW's chicken spaghetti is so good. my fav recipe is her olive cheese bread. so good!

  3. All of that looks delicious!! Why don't you make it and bring it to me?? haha