Sunday, January 16, 2011

Staying on track...

Well, as we've discussed on here previously, I'm trying to lose weight. I've gotten more serious about it since Christmas, and with 2011 here, it's kind of one of my "to dos" for the year.

I'm actually happy to report that while I'm not currently doing Weight Watchers PointsPlus, I have been hitting the gym a lot. Getting sick derailed my "eat healthy" plans, but I'm still pretty on track! Score! Since I last got on the scale about 2 weeks ago, I'm down 5 lbs.

One of my new fitness favorites has been my Nike Frees. I love them. They are so light. And yes, the neon yellow is a little obnoxious, but I really like them. Has anyone else gotten a pair?

I'm trying to make up a specific plan for what I want to do to keep this weight loss going, and I'm sure I will and I'll blog it, but for now I'm just happy I'm on the right track!

Here's to 2011!
Mrs. Jones


  1. Great job girl!

    Take the WW plunge! It will give you a serious kickstart. I wanted to lose the holiday pounds... 3 weeks, 5.5 pounds done. Lost the holiday weight and I'm gonna keep it up for another couple of weeks so my pants have some wiggle room. :) haha

  2. I do have a pair mine are grey with aqua blue and I loooove them. They are my regular workout shoes cause I have others when I run since I compete but man those shoes are awesome!

    Good job keeping up with it girl! Get it!!!

  3. Good for you! It's hard to keep up with a plan like that when you get sick, but it's good to get back on the horse. Sounds like you're doing well!

  4. YAY! Good for you. Proud of you!!!

  5. Good luck! My goal is to drop this baby weight and it's proving to be harder than I thought!