Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slight obsessions: Disney and Glee

We all know I have a slight Disney obsession, and Glee is rapidly climbing my list of favorite things as well. It's getting close to being right up there with Disney!!!

I found these precious Disney Dooney and Bourke clutches and OMG I want!

I also recently begged a friend going to Disney to pick me up a few of these little gems for EB. They are here FAVORITE toy! :-) She has a new one now, and I hid another one to use as a Christmas present.
DH and I (yes, he loves Glee too) are also ITCHING for the two new Glee CDs! Anyone else wishing for these?

Just thought I'd share. Happy Sunday lovelies!

Mrs. Jones


  1. The Christmas album is so so good!!!

  2. Love those clutches. I really want one too!

    And I REALLY want the new CDs too!