Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ode to Target....

We all know I love Target, but the $10 off of 3 brands of sleepwear on right now makes life even better! I got these three pairs of sleep shorts for $3 total after that coupon! Check it out - and then hit up the clearance rack!

I also picked up another pack of tights, since I killed one pair, and Eve Belle killed my other And these shoes are perfect for winter work wear! I just needed any flats, but I like these! The blisters on my heels don't love me at the moment, but I used a $5 off of $25 Merona purchase, which made the shoes about $12! Score!

So, yes, this is my (weekly? it seems) ode to Target. What have you found lately? Anything good?

Mrs. Jones


  1. Well. Now I have to add to my Target list for tomorrow. I hope mine has those shorts! Too cute! :)

  2. Love those shoes, what a great deal!

  3. I was at Target yesterday and didn't peruse any clothes or shoes, but did pick up some cute, cheap ornaments. :-)