Saturday, May 22, 2010

Atlanta: The Shopping

Well, one week later, I'm finally wrapping up my lovely Atlanta weekend posts. Last Saturday, I was having a blast with Katie and Tami. :-) Can't wait to do it again. Now that I'm finally catching up on life, here's a little bit of what - well, ALL of what I bought last weekend!

I took my first-ever trip to Trader Joe's, and it was AMAZING! I got a cute Atlanta Trader Joe's bag, 3 bottled of Two Buck Chuck, brownie mix, chips and taffy! The red wine and taffy was for Mr. Jones. He loved the taffy - we haven't had the red wine yet!

The brownie mix..... oh my you guys. GO BUY SOME! It was absolutely insane! And it was pretty darn healthy! Exactly what I needed to fall in love with, lol.

While we were at the mall on Saturday afternoon, we hit up the store, Sur La Table. Heaven. Absolute heaven. Mr. Jones has been wanting an ice cream maker after he enjoyed his mom's so much, and I found this little red one on a great sale! He is so happy. He's made vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream so far. The beautiful eco-friendly cutting board is one I've had on my mind for quite a while. Target used to have it in stock, but I never found it after I decided we needed it. So, I'm very happy to finally have a decent-sized, usable and WASHABLE cutting board at our place. Score!

I also picked up these little Anthropologie bowls to use in my bathroom. Love them!

And no big-city shopping trip would be complete without accessories from Forever 21! :-) I got a couple of fairly work-appropriate items, wouldn't you say? I've worn the pearls already, but not the headband. I'm looking forward to it though. It's not too little-girly. (At least I don't think....)

What do you think of my new purchases? :-) Happy Saturday!
Mrs. Jones


  1. Love it all, especially the headband! Very Gossip Girl-esque. :)

  2. I am totally digging the pearls! But looks like you got some good stuff!

  3. So many great finds!

    I am SO curious to know how the ice cream maker is! I was reading from America's Test Kitchen and they found that the top two ice cream makers were actually the attachment for the Kitchen-Aid mixer and the Cuisinart! I'm sure it's awesome!

    I admit, I am slightly jealous right now!