Monday, May 24, 2010

Eve Belle: Destroyer of toys

Well, now that I am working full-time, Eve has occupied her days by destroying all of her fuzzy toys! It's kind of unreal. Her fairly new Disney toy is the only plush toy she had left. She still had her chewy bone and a rope, but that was it. Totally unacceptable for our spoiled little princess!

Here's how she has been spending her time:

Here are the toys she destroyed:

She was depressed when I threw them away. She flopped for the rest of the afternoon.

Coming soon..... Eve's new toys! And a joyful little puppy girl!
Mrs. Jones


  1. Ha! Look at little Eve pouting!

  2. Better watch that VB bag; she looks ready to go after it too.

    Just a tip - I only throw away the toys when they are totally gone. When there's a hole, just take out the squeaker so she can't choke on it, but she can play with those for a while longer. Believe me, our Lab still tears up toys and they add up real quick!

  3. Awww...poor Eve Belle! But at least she's getting some new toys out of it. Bentley and Lexus both went through destruction phases. They de-stuffed almost all of their toys so we bought them some Skinneeez toys (they are stuffing free) and they went gaga over them. And they eventually outgrew the de-stuffing phase, thank goodness. Hopefully Eve Belle will to!