Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atlanta: The Food

Now that I've told you about my favorite Atlanta girls, it's time to tell you about the FOOD we ate! :-) It was so delicious - I've had to hit the gym this week, that's for sure!

First up was lunch Saturday at Twisted Taco! I had crawfish, veggie and buffalo chicken tacos. Each one of them was just fabulous! Don't they look yummy?

While we hit the mall, we also took a short break for some frozen yogurt - and let me tell you, mango is AWESOME! I had a few chocolate chips and coconut flakes on it. :-)

And finally, DINNER on Saturday night at Uncle Julio's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started with their infamous "Swirl" - a mix of frozen margarita and sangria.

One was more than enough! After all the fabulous chips and salsa, I barely had any room in my tummy for this feast:

Yep, that was ALL mine. And I totally only finished about half of it. But that was more than enough. I had a taco, a burrito, and so many other things. I'd never had some of these before! The cheese and onion enchilada was my favorite.

And then there was dessert: sopapillas. Fabulous.

Sunday was a yummy breakfast at The Flying Biscuit with all the girls! Talk about a fun and funky restaurant. It was so enjoyable, and we were in and out before a long line got there!

I had a three-egg omelette with all sorts of yummy and fairly healthy things. Turkey sausage, onions, etc. And the grits. Oh the grits were heaven.

Thank goodness that was ALL we had time to eat! Hope you enjoyed this lovely little walk down restaurant lane this weekend. 

Mrs. Jones


  1. Ha! My wife said your blog makes her miss Georgia and living in the South.