Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Atlanta: The Girls

I spent an absolutely wonderful weekend in Atlanta with some fabulous new friends, and I can't tell you just how fun, wonderful and amazing the weekend was - and don't even get me started about these girls! I just adore them!

I met up with Tami early Sunday, and we hit up the Diana exhibit and grabbed a fabulous lunch at Twisted Taco before Katie joined us for the rest of the night! It was SOOOOO much fun! I loved every minute I got to spend with these girls! We had a blast, that's for sure. Check it out:

After that, we hit up the mall for some shopping, of course! :-) And fro yo!

Dinner..... oh, dinner. Tami and Katie have both raved about their fave restaurant, Uncle Julio's, and I am SO very glad they chose to introduce me to it. It is some of the best Mexican I've ever had in my life! I nommed it so much! Food pics to come soon. But for now, I'll just tell you about all the fun we had talking non-stop! The three of us just clicked, and the inside jokes and silly conversations were just fabulous. I definitely adore these girls! And I really can't wait for our next get-togethers - because believe me, we're already talking about them!

At Uncle Julio's:

(Yes, Tami started throwing the tortillas like pizza dough.)

Breakfast was another treat! We hit up The Flying Biscuit, and Becca joined us! She is just precious too! I'm enjoying catching up on her blog, although we were already Twitter buddies!

And finally, all four of us! I can't tell you how fast the weekend flew by, and how much I look forward to our next gathering. Like, really, I need it on my calendar ASAP! :-)

Hope everyone else had as wonderful a weekend! I've still got to fill you in on the FOOD I ate and the SHOPPING I did!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Your pictures look amazing. Wish you could make it to NY before the end of next month.

  2. Looks like a really fun weekend! Let me know when you come to the Dallas area... :)

  3. Cute! Looks like you all had a blast!

  4. YAY! Love it. I'm so glad you had fun here, we can't WAIT until you come back and *cough* move here *cough*. So glad I got to meet you and can't wait until our book comes out ;)