Thursday, March 6, 2014

The March Must-Reads...

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I told you I'd gotten to read a good bit this past month, and it has been fun to lose myself in a few good books during time on the road or quiet nights at home - and occasionally a few lone hours in a coffee shop!

Here's what I've discovered and what I thought....

I kept seeing this book in my e-reader (aka my iPad mini) and I kept thinking I had read it but I couldn't remember the story. So, one day I opened it up, realized I hadn't read it and flew through this sucker. It was great and fun and flirty - all those things you need on a cold and boring winter day for sure. Our lovely main character is Olivia Matthews who has arrived at her best friend's fab wedding and everything is welcome but her... then she meets the best man, Edward. He is a dream, and she decides she wants to make him fall for her. The entire thing had me smiling and laughing and all that jazz. A great read all around, and I would highly recommend it for a fun spring read!

Jennifer Rae did a great job with “Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid” and the book was light and fun and easy to read. It’s 224 pages, so not a hard read but long enough to keep even me engaged with the book! Available for $1.99 on Kindle here // Read via NetGalley.

Heather Long's "Some Like It Royal" just made me grin from ear to ear, and I think I read the book in under 20 hours. It was fun, easy to read and hard to put down. Long creates a whimsical and down-to-earth story with a solid plot, and fantastic characters. Who doesn't want to read about Alyx, a waitress living out of her car, being surprised by a handsome self-made billionaire and told that she is royalty - and a princess, to boot. Alyx needs stability, and Daniel needs a blue-blooded fiancé to open doors he can't for himself - even with a whole lot of money. So Alyx agrees to play the role……… and at some point, things between the couple change. Somewhere along the way, things get complicated and they fall in love. It's a predictable outcome, but one that you will enjoy arriving at all the same. I'd highly recommend this book. At just $2.51 for 151 pages of fun on Amazon, you're coming out ahead in the end, I think! This is one of those books that was so enjoyable, I think I may wind up reading it again over spring break while curled up in a hammock enjoying a glass of wine. You know what I mean, right? Needless to say, I'm a fan.

Check "Some Like It Royal" out on Amazon here. And I challenge you to NOT sing Lorde or whoever's song every time you think about the title of this book! // Read via NetGalley.

Last but not least, I read "Billionaire" by Juliette Jones. This one was interesting. It's a cross between "50 Shades of Gray" with a lot better writing, and a better plot overall! Sweet little Lila Carmichael wants to find a job in publishing, and someone she gets an interview to be the assistant for billionaire publishing and everything else tycoon Alexander Wolfe. They are instantly attracted, manage to hook up before she ever starts working for him, and he falls MADLY, MADLY, MADLY in love. Things are both sweet, bumpy, and lovable from there. I think the story is more authentic than anything "50 Shades of Grey" ever managed to produce. The authenticity and cool narrative may come from the fact that you hear from the points-of-view of both main characters throughout the book.

As the preview on Amazon states so eloquently, "Set in New York and Paris, Lila and Alexander's connection is a whirlwind of lust, love, jealousy and obsession. Will they find their happily ever after?" Hehe. Can you guess if they do or not? I do believe the last quarter of the book was the best, so if you get it, be sure to make it until the end. Aside from a poker game tryst that I could have done without reading, this was an overall great read.

I got really excited at the end when I read that "Billionaire 2" was already in the works at the end of the book! Available on Amazon for Kindle at just $2.99 for about 300 pages. Fun, sweet and sexy read. Recommend for sure. // Read via NetGalley.

Mrs. Jones

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