Saturday, February 15, 2014

A little Taco Bell dinner delight...

When an ice storm hits Alabama (yes, you read that right), and your plans are all delayed, what do you do? You use the fantastic Taco Bell sauce package CrowdTap sent you, and have a Mexican date night in with your husband!

I actually wasn't sold on these Taco Bell sauces when they arrived. I remembered the mild sauce from years ago, but wasn't too excited about the other three bottles... Well, I was wrong.

I tried all but the "Fire" sauce, and they were wonderful. My favorites were the "Mild" (still!) and the "Verde Salsa" which was a pleasant surprise! Mr. Jones even did four small tacos, and featured a different sauce on each one. He said his favorites were "Fire" and "Verde Salsa."

These fun little bottles (they aren't huge - and they run about $2) really spiced up our night and let us try some new things on each taco. I'm always game for a simple dinner that tastes great - and let's you have a little fun!

Are you a Taco Bell fan? I know some friends who hoard the little sauce packets, and with these new offerings, it looks like the days of hoarding sauces will be gone! I highly recommend - go try them!

Mrs. Jones


  1. i'm a major fan of their mild sauce! we use it all the time actually!!