Friday, December 13, 2013

A little Christmas pup...

I love December. I love holidays. I love decorations. I love Christmas.

But what I love more than just about anything this time of year? Is my little Christmas pup. We got her on Dec. 18 four years ago. We brought her home on our first anniversary on Dec. 20. So while her birthday is in September, I find myself extra grateful for the snuggles, love and fun we have this time of year with our little EB.

I wanted to share some fun little pictures of our puppy love with her new Christmas hedgehog. Seriously. Hedgehogs are her favorite, so when I saw a Christmas one when I was out shopping with my mother-in-law? We couldn't resist.

Eve Belle is kind of hard to resist, isn't she? Merry Christmas and happy holidays! The countdown to Christmas break stands at just four more workdays for me! Hip hip hooray!

Mrs. Jones


  1. EEEEEEEPPP! I love little spoiled human pups!!! Look at her under the covers!

  2. Happy (late) Gotcha Day to Eve Belle! Such a precious pup! I love her little teeth. :)