Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Days of Christmas ornaments (Part 1)

Tis the season to deck the halls, and all that jazz right? But sometimes, I have to remember to take a minute and really remember where the treasures that I have come from, and why I put them on my table or mantel or tree each year!

Over on Instagram, I've been taking a minute each day to share my favorite ornaments and the stories behind them. (You can check it out and follow me here.) But each week, I will pull them all over here and share them too.

So, without further adieu, here are some favorite ornaments of mine!

Day 1: 
The very first Christmas ornament Brett gave me. 
I smile each year when it goes on the tree. {Main tree}

Day 2: 
A sweet little angel from my childhood tree decorated in all pink ornaments. 
So thankful my mom and grandma made this tree for me.
 It's in my bedroom even today. {pink tree}

Day 3: 
This one makes me smile and thing of my "blog girls" each time I walk by it. 
Grateful for friendship!

Day 4:
 An addition to our main tree this year, this Lenox ornament pays tribute to my beautiful 
Christmas china and my sweet Nana Ruth who started giving it to me when I was little.

Day 5: 
One of the many official White House ornaments a family friend has given us over the years! 

Day 6: 
My Lenox China bridal Minnie ear ornament.
 Love this because my mom gave it to me at my Christmas shower. {Disney tree}

 Day 7: 
Wall-E and Eve ear hat ornament on the Disney tree. This one's a favorite.

Mrs. Jones


  1. Christmas ornaments are the best - I love all of yours. We have tons of beautiful handmade ornaments that my mother-in-law needlepointed for us and they are one of the best things about our tree!

  2. Ah- that Born to Blog one is great! I like the one for you and your man too. It's my first Christmas married, so I need to find a good one for us too. :)