Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday morning thoughts...

Happy Sunday morning, y'all….

I've got a lot of posts in the works, but it's a quiet morning at our house so far, and I'm enjoying coffee and listening to the laundry and dishes get clean.

It felt like the perfect time to actually sit down and write a little bit, so here I am. My sweet husband and  pup are curled up under the covers still asleep. They are definitely enjoying Daylight Savings Time already. Watching the two of them early in the morning is definitely one of the cutest things ever, that's for sure. And I totally envy how easy it is for both of them to roll over and go back to sleep whenever they want. I do not have that as a skill, sadly.

I'm ready for the laundry to be done so I can put my favorite sweatpants back on. I've worn them as PJs every night for the last 5 nights already, so I thought they may need a night off. I live in them during the winter.

It's taking everything in me not to start decorating for Christmas just yet. The weather is cool, and I just don't have a lot of Thanksgiving decorations. Mr. Jones' was a Thanksgiving birthday, so when we got married it was all about "respecting the turkey" but now… now we usually both give in and start decorating early because we love it so very much.

I'm extra excited for decorating this year, because for the first time we will have our separate Disney-themed tree. Few things excite me more. It's going to be so much fun. I just have to figure out where it will go….

This weekend has been a lazy one so far at our house. We've got church in a few hours - we HAVE to get back in the habit of going. We've been bad. And there might be a little landscaping in our future as well. But yesterday we watched lots of episodes of The West Wing, and I cleaned out my part of the DVR while I did laundry and cleaned up our room. It was heavenly.

Here's to the first lazy weekend in months and months. It's been good for our souls…

Mrs. Jones

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  1. Glad you have such an enjoyable weekend! I love sweatpants as well! There is nothing worse than trying to find something to lounge around in, and there is not a clean pair around!