Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall in Tuscaloosa...

There's nothing like fall in Tuscaloosa.

Football season. Friends. Family. Lot's of time on-the-go or playing host to visitors. It's not dull, that's for sure. The fun times running around with family are probably my favorite. You just don't get enough of it it seems like!

But all the time on the go? Totally makes me appreciate a lazy weekend like we just had. I didn't even leave the house once this past weekend. Not even for Starbucks.

With my mama bear...

Enjoying my NINTH football season sitting in the stands with this wonderful man....
I can't believe we have seen that many seasons come and go together! Roll Tide, right?

This town, and its campus are just stunning. Nothing like walking by this on a beautiful weekend.

One day I even got to hang out with Big Al on the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium. 
Love this so much.... 
He was hilarious. Something about mascots makes me feel like a little kid still!

And of course, EB has to get in on a little of the fun. Sometimes she survives for 10 minutes while I dress her up in gameday attire for a picture. But she's usually not as happy as this, so you can imagine how that goes!

Here's to a wonderful week!

Mrs. Jones


  1. LOVE EB's little gameday outfit! Glad to see you posting again, especially during the best part of the year - football season! xoxo - Natalie

  2. I would love to experience college football in the south! I'm jealous of your laid-back weekend. I need one of those and don't see any on the horizon. Boo. I love your scarf!