Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nothing like a game night...

It's no secret around these parts that our little family is made up of two homebodies, and a puppy. It's fun. We love spending time in our house, together, just doing silly little things.

I was so excited when I got won a Monopoly Unleashed House Party because it was just up our alley. And Monopoly outdid themselves with the party pack. Monopoly (with the NEW cat token), Connect 4, Candy Land, and Monopoly Millionaire Deal showed up at our house, along with some Monopoly accessories including a new bowl for Eve....

We packed up some of the games, and had our first little party at the beach with my family, where Monopoly Millionaire Deal was a hit beach-side. It's a card game version of Monopoly that plays quick and fun games on the go. We already had Monopoly deal, and we were excited to add this to our collection.

After we got home from the beach, we hosted a few of our friends for a low-key game night. Things got started with a Connect 4 tournament. Husband was funny, and he lost to a friend in the finals. (I didn't make it that far!)

We even had a few fun cocktails, along with lots of snacks!

I wasn't as excited about the Monopoly cat token, but the dog has always been a favorite of mine, so I procured him for my run around the board. I came in second in our big Monopoly game.....

I hadn't played a full game of Monopoly in years, and we played with the "speed it up" dice, so that made it a little quicker than normal. Such a classic game with new twists like that is perfect for a night in!

Have you played any fun games lately? Share!

Mrs. Jones

FYI: My party pack was provided to me by House Party and Monopoly free of charge, but opinions are all my own. 


  1. Monopoly is my favorite board game EVER!!!its pretty much the only game I want to play, and it's so easy to play when you only have two people!

  2. Love it! I like playing games with the husband but never seem to have the time. I'll have to see about the sped up version!