Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just a little BSB....

Since I've already told you about the best part of the Backstreet Boys concert from two weeks ago, I figured now I'd probably better show you the other parts of fun!

There's nothing like a frozen margarita on a hot summer night. Or taking silly selfies with my husband.

Here are the best shots from my phone of the actual concert. You can't see the band really well, even thought we were on row 20 or so. But the set looks awesome. And it was so much fun to watch.

It is so much fun to do something you've dreamed of since you were young. That's what this night was for me. A chance to dance the night away like I always wanted to when I was a teenager. I'll take it, even 10-15 years later.

Mrs. Jones


  1. So much fun! I saw them back in 2000 and then again two years ago when they toured with NKOTB. They put on such a good show. I wish their current tour was coming to Seattle. I'd definitely go again.

  2. FUN! I wish my husband would go with me to a fun concert like that.