Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cara Box: August reveal

Cara Box

It's that time again! Cara Box reveal!!! Woohooo! I got my box from Sarah at New Wave Domesticity! The post office didn't love my address for some reason, so it got here a little late! When it arrived, it was absolutely awesome though!

Sarah put so much thought into my box, and sent tons of beauty and pet fun! I mean, this arrived the day before I did the Color Run, so how perfect is this for my poor feet?

And then EB got quite a few presents in the box too! Made my heart happy for sure.

My favorite part was these two awesome beauty items. I LOVE Zoya nail polish, and I get to try Cargo  lip gloss for the first time! The way to my heart.... new makeup treats for sure!

Thanks for a fabulous box, Sarah! So grateful!

I sent a box to Brittany, and she shared details about it here. (I also forgot to take a picture of what I sent, so here is her photo upon arrival!)

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Mrs. Jones

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