Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vermont foodie fun...

So, 10 days on the road will take a toll on you - and your blogging, right? Well now, I'm finally back in action, and my 5 day visit to Burlington, Vermont for a conference was just stunning.

I loved meeting people at the conference that I could explore with, but there is also something about wandering a new city on your own that is so exhilarating. Some of the days were so hot, but the nights were priceless.

As we wandered downtown, a quaint little stretch of pedestrian-only road and lots of local shops and restaurants with outdoor seating had us loving our free time. There were quite a few glasses of wine involved too, what can I say?

I snagged lots of maple-flavored treats to take to the husband when I got home. And I fell in love with Lake Champlain Chocolates. Doesn't this truffle look divine? I did make it home with two of them to share them Mr. Jones. He was a fan. This one was a champagne truffle. I also brought some of their packaged chocolates home to extend my Vermont-fun!

Exploring some fun restaurants was so much fun. If you are ever in Burlington, go eat dinner at Farm House Grill. It was divine. Fabulous Vermont cheddar, and a delicious burger. But did I mention Ben and Jerry's? I'd never been to one of their stores, and they are local to Burlington as well, which made it even more fun to stop in and grab a kids cone of Americone Dream (husband's favorite!) each night.

The piece de resistance was Pizzeria Verita, where this beautiful pizza became my dinner. They cook the pizzas for about 3 minutes in a wood-burning oven that heats to over 1000 degrees. Crazy, huh? But delicious.

Oh, and you know this coffee lover had to have her java for the week.... So, I was very excited about having Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee at the conference every week!

That's my Vermont week in foodie pictures! I'll be back with my scenic photos soon!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Looks like you enjoyed your trip! I want to make a trip to the northeast sometime, it looks like so much fun.

  2. Looks like such a quaint little town! Glad you had fun!