Friday, May 10, 2013

The Nail Files: Julep's Helen

I finally painted my poor nails again, so I'm linking up this week! YAY! In preparation for a friend's wedding, I pulled out one of my favorite neutral Julep polishes!

Just ignore my poor, beat up cuticles, ok? Enjoy the pretty color instead. I think it will look nice with my dresses for the weekend, and I need to slap a little of this color on my toes later tonight too. What have you been painting your nails with lately? I need to check out some new colors!

Mrs. Jones

In case you haven't joined in the Julep craze, check it out here! This subscription box is one of my favorite mail items each month for sure.


  1. I need to do my nails and toes SO BAD but I want to start off the season right with a real mani/pedi.. so hopefully I can make that happen soon. My nails are looking rough. Yours look great, though - I love the color!!