Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh, Atlanta....

Since you've all gotten to read about the Ikea part of my Atlanta shopping trip, it's time to tell you about the rest of my awesome shopping time over there!

While it started at Ikea with the bookcase and some other fun items, it also included a trip to the Atlanta Mart, where I stocked up on jewelry for the summer!

The browsing with a friend was oh-so-fun. And so was the ton of hats we giggled at along the way. Made me wish we were in England!

Here's my earring loot:

So far, I've worn the red and navy blue earrings - and the gold ones. Best part? Each pair cost between $4 and $9. I can't wait to wear the rest! Back soon to tell you about my awesome dinner with friends! 

Mrs. Jones


  1. Love the picture of the hats!! Oh how fun it would be to wear them. Good buys girl!

  2. was the mart open to the public this past weekend?! how do I never hear about that?!

  3. Oh my gosh, I so wanna go there! What a place!