Thursday, April 11, 2013

A litte Ikea love...

I've made my first furniture purchase since we bought our house almost three years ago, and it was so much fun. I headed East to Atlanta for a quick day and a half of shopping, dinner with two fabulous friends - and my FIRST ever trip to Ikea!

I was on a mission, but as always, I picked up a few extra things along the way.

After seeing a beautiful spread in Better Homes and Gardens a few months ago, I fell in love with the Ikea Expedit Shelving and thought it would be perfect in our living room to replace a tall skinny bookcase on a large wall. I believe I thought correctly.

I loved the color, loved the size, and loved the price. Perfect, right? Well, it sure was after my dear husband put it together for me!

Here's the almost-final product. It's a little more decorated now, and I like how it's coming along.

I love the way it fills the space. It was very needed!

What do you think? I'm proud of our new (well, not new, but updated) living room look!

Mrs. Jones

PS) As far as my other favorite Ikea find? These chocolate bars. I'm looking at you, hazelnut!


  1. Lucky girl! I've never had the opportunity to go to IKEA. I'm super jealous! Love the idea, we have a blank wall in our living room I need to fill as well.... maybe one day I'll get the chance to go to IKEA!

    How were those chocolate bars? I love the simplicity of the wrappers!

  2. I wish I lived closer to an IKEA. I love their stuff!

  3. We have that unit in our playroom to store all the kids' toys. It's so nice that everything is up and hidden. We also have the short one in our living room. I love them! Yours looks great!!