Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little Bliss...

You know what gets me really excited about a trip to TJ Maxx? Finding my favorite, Bliss, in the store and on major sale!

Does anyone else have an obsession with Bliss body butter? I love the Vanilla + Bergamot scent. It's amazing. I just hate how expensive it is. So when I found it for half price, I got really excited. They also had this cool massaging body bar that I snagged too.

Have you tried Bliss? One day I'd love to visit one of the Bliss spas. I think it'd be amazing. My mom says so it is, at least! I tried some of her Bliss stuff the other day, and discovered a new favorite too.

This is really awesome too, but I have a bottle and a 1/4 to use up before I need anything new! That's all for now.... just wanted to share my "Bliss!"

Mrs. Jones


  1. I haven't ever tried Bliss, but I might keep my eye out for it at TJMaxx. I always find great stuff there, even if I don't know the brand, it's usually good.

  2. That is amazing! I love Bliss products but hate the price tags.