Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here come the holidays...

I know it's just Nov. 1, but to me today kicks off two months of holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving to New Years just isn't long enough. So I start early. I don't quite pull out the Christmas just yet, but I start planning. And doing little things. And I love EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!

There are a few things I'm pining after to kick off my holidays this year. Item number one.... this new Yankee Candle lovely. It smells DIVINE. I want a couple of them, so they can last all. season. long!

I am also pining after the Fiesta Christmas Tree Jumbo Mug. I have two of the plates, and we don't need much. But I WANT THIS MUG FOR MY MORNING COFFEE! (Does the all caps express my desires? I hope so.) The only thing is I haven't found it on sale locally yet. I may have to order it, but we will get there. Isn't it cute?

Just wanted to share my holiday planning love this morning... Are you ready to start celebrating already? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.... it's all wonderful! Tis the season, y'all!

Mrs. Jones


  1. I need that red velvet candle!!

  2. We celebrate for two months, too. We've already got the Christmas music going! I love the mug!!