Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Organizing my earrings...

I was desperate for a way to organize my earrings. And I didn't like the Pinterest item with the frame and the wire. It looks sloppy to me, so I was desperate for something else! I was walking through MIchael's, and found 1/4 inch dowel rods and had an epiphany! They'd be perfect, I could paint them to match the frame, and it'd have structure!

So, I had Brett cut the tiny dowels with a knife, and I glued them into the backside of an open-backed unfinished frame from Michael's. Easy, huh? Leave it for 24 hours, then get to painting. White would look best on the wall in our room, so I got to it.

The final product? I was happy.

And? It was cheap. About $10 total. My little sister is already asking me to make her one, so maybe these would be cute gifts. I'd love to move this one up and add another one below it when my collection grows. Earrings have become my favorite way to dress up an outfit!

What do you think of my little DIY project? I was pretty darn proud!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Oh wow, that is SO cute! I love the display! I might have to make one of these for myself, because my earring collection is overflowing the jewelry armoire. The display also looks like art!

  2. Great idea! I think your bedroom is the same color as my living room. :-)

  3. i love this idea! i might have to copy this one!