Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Into Fall - Swap Reveal!

Fall is (obviously) my favorite time of the year, and I joined up with the "Fall into Fall" Swap Neely, Erin and Tracy hosted recently! My sweet partner was Jessica from Fantastically Average - and even if she hadn't sent me such a great box (which she did), I'm so glad I found her and her blog. We think we are long lost friends already since we have so many similar qualities!

The funny thing is that when I got home and opened my box, my husband was hovering. Like, big time. He got excited too. He kind of snatched the Pez and candy corn and retreated to his office. It was pretty cute. Eve Belle got her FAVORITE box of treats in the package as well. (Jessica, I have NO idea how you knew that one.... Hugs are her favorite treats ever, and she saw the box when I was unpacking it! The tail wagging commenced immediately.) So, my fall swap box was actually a treat for the entire family. That made me giggle.

The candle is in use, and I'm ready to do my nails with the Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects in a few weeks. The EOS lip balm is already in my purse, and the magazine has been read and passed on to a friend to share the love a little bit.

I'm so excited for Fall. Can you believe it's FINALLY here? It feels like summer and hot weather lasted forever for some reason this time. I'm ready for cardigans and fuzzy shoes and light scarves.... And it's about that time!

Happy Fall y'all! Hope it's a wonderful one for each and every one of you! (And thanks Jessica!)

Mrs. Jones


  1. Found you from this awesome fall swap link-up! That is so cute that your partner sent you something for the pup! My fabulous gal included some things for my son! So cute :)
    I hope you check-out my blog & awesome loot from Ashley!

  2. Oh my gosh... you got some yummy stuff!! :) Glad you participated!

  3. wow this loks so awesome!! aw wand how sweet you got something for your pup too! come see what i received from my lovely swap partner :) xo

  4. What a great box! And so sweet that she included dog treats too :) That card made me laugh.

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you liked your treat box! I'm so glad we were partnered up!

    Also, your comment about your husband stealing the candy put an image in my head of him sitting at his office desk, in the dark, eating Pez out of the glowing dispenser... and I can't stop giggling over this. Also, I had no idea that those were Eve Belle's favorite treats - but what a lucky guess!