Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EB's Toy & Treat Swap Reveal

It seems like I'm always a day late right now, but here we go...

Can I just say that this swap idea was brilliant? (Thanks for sharing it with all of us, Cole!) When I set the package on the ground after it arrived, Eve Belle KNEW it was hers. She stood with her head on it, sniffed it, walked around it.... and then looked at me like "Mama, open it!"

It was kind of cute. She LOVED her package from Dominique and Freckles - it was jam-packed with fun, but she ran off with at least one toy before I could get a photo of it. Oh well. Here's what she's loving on right now!

EB has been having so much fun she just tuckered herself out! 

XOXO - and thank you to our new bloggy friends,
Mrs. Jones (and Eve Belle, of course)


  1. what a fun swap. sad I missed out on this. great doggy items.

  2. Glad EB enjoyed everything!! We did here too!! :-D

  3. Wow, EB got good presents! I love the Skineez toys. The dogs love to whip them around...and my house doesn't get filled with stuffing. :-)