Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Blog Star...

Mrs. Monologues

Well hey there y'all....

Happy September and Happy Blog Star to each of you! I'm Mrs. Jones, and I blog here at Keeping Up with the Joneses. You'll find me blogging about all the little things that make up my life as a wife here in sweet home Alabama.

I love to blog about my awesome husband, my sweet pup Eve Belle, cooking, shopping, couponing, and more... I'm a Southern belle, but even more importantly I'm an Alabama fan.

And I'm not sure if I'm sad to say it or not, but as of Sunday, I'll be another year older too. There's something about 27 that just doesn't sound as fun as 25 or 26, but I think the year itself is going to be awesome. Cross your fingers for me, mkay? The picture I'm sharing is from my birthday (and EB's) last year. It's going to be so hard to top that cake!

That's all for today - I hope you stick around! Sign up to follow via GFC - when we hit a new milestone, I may or may not be planning a giveaway!

Mrs. Jones

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