Thursday, August 23, 2012

But Mama said I was a princess...

Well, hello there.

It's me, Eve Belle. I'm Mrs. Jones' lil pup. She's my mama. And this week? She did the unthinkable. She turned me, her little princess, into an actual princess.

I know. What the heck was my mama thinking? I tried to make my displeasure known, but it was too tight to pull it off. But then she gave me a new toy. So I was cool with her photo op, I guess. It's a floppy, unstuffed zebra that squeaks. Total awesome-sauce.

It's a few weeks from mama's birthday, and my birthday is just a few days after that, so I'm beyond excited. I heard mama and daddy whispering the other night when they thought I was asleep. I'm getting presents. Score.

Do you remember my birthday cake last year? I wonder if I get a cake again this year...

Time to go scatter my toys around and make a mess. Have a good night everyone!

Eve Belle


  1. EB, maybe you'll get a new tiara to wear EVERY day!!! Or a sibling... a sibling would be a good surprise, right?!