Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking the Cake...

Let's just say that my 26th birthday? The cake stole it. It upstaged me. Completely and unequivocally. It was hilarious, it was the highlight. You get the picture. On Friday, my birthday, Mr. Jones picked up a sweet little cake for me and Eve Belle to share, since her birthday followed mine on Tuesday.

We had a little bit of fun with it you see....

We even had a Skype date with Mr. Jones' parents, and EB got in on that action too.... She wasn't too sure what to think.

I thought the cake looked delicious. :-) But I did have a little bit of anxiety about biting into my puppy's look-a-like.

EB had no such qualms. She was ready for her first-ever taste of people food!

All in all, the cake was my favorite part of this birthday. The day before, we also enjoyed a nice dinner with my family. Did I mention there was delicious sushi involved? No? Well, there was. Yum.

I have more to share about sweet gifts and fun, but that's all for now!
Mrs. Jones


  1. I can see how a cake like that could steal the show. It is FABULOUS!! Hubby did an awesome job.

  2. love that you are wearing red like the stinking cute!

  3. I really do love the cake idea and it sounds like it made your birthday a success!