Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little more Lilly in my life...

I have exactly three items of Lilly Pulitzer. Three. And none of them are clothing or wearable accessories. I have an umbrella (love), a koozie, and a note pad. They're awesome and they make me smile.

But I've been dreaming of more. Specifically? Of Lilly Pulitzer McKims. For quite a while.

Well, last week, I managed to make the semi-annual massive online Lilly sale work for me, and I got two pairs of McKims.

I debated. Flats, wedges or high wedges. I hemmed. I hawwed. I contemplated color selection.
I stared at the screen A LOT.

And finally, I decided. And Saturday, they arrived. I'm in love.

Not bad for $98, right? Perfect pre-birthday splurge, and I've already worn them both. Twice. :-) Did anyone else hit up the Lilly sale? There were a ton of technical problems, but by the first night, my order had gotten through, and I'm grateful.

I'm happy, and officially a Lilly girl. Here we go!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Congrats! Enjoy them. Congratulations on your first piece of wearable Lilly. I'm still bitter because I placed two orders first thing Tuesday morning before the initial crash and they have yet to ship.

  2. welcome to the lilly cult- I mean club! Lilly is seriously amazing and you got some gorgeous shoes at a steal! Have a happy Tuesday and be sure to enter to win sponsorship on my blog! .

  3. Those shoes are SO cute! I've never really gotten into the trend but seeing those things makes me mad I missed the sale!