Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30A: A Dining Experience

I showed you all the beach fun we had a few weeks ago, but I was saving the best for last. The food. Oh, the food. In Seaside, it's amazing. It's a beach-crazed, wine-loving, food haven.

The very first night, we stopped at Crush in Seaside. It was delicious! We had sushi, cheeseburgers, pasta and more. I recommend it if you're in Seaside or the 30A area!

For dinner (twice), we hit up the local hotspot Bud & Alley's. It was heavenly. I had crab cakes, and a lobster pasta dish. Bud & Alley's is one of the pricier restaurants around, but it's worth it for that awesome night out at the beach.

See? I told you the crab cakes were divine. And they are CRAB cakes. There is no filler, they are all crab, and there is hardly any breading at all. It's just crab, crab, crab that melts in your mouth. I would kill for another crab cake tonight. They're that delicious!

In recent years, the food trucks have become a staple in Seaside, and I tried a new one this year. The Melt Down on 30A does specialty grilled cheeses. I grabbed this while I shopped for an hour to get out of the sun on a beautiful day at the beach.

The mozzarella, tomato and basil was definitely unlike any grilled cheese I'd ever had before! I went back on one of our last days and got the grilled aged cheddar, which was even better.

There is something about beach vacations and great food.... They seem to go so well together! What do you love to go eat at the beach?

Mrs. Jones


  1. I think I just slobbered on the keyboard when I saw that mozz, tom basil sand. YUM.

  2. Oh my goodness, that sandwich and crabcakes look good!

  3. That mozzarella sandwich looks so good! Tastebud envy! :)

  4. We're going to Seaside in October. Cannot wait for the grilled cheese food truck!!