Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lucky Lady...

Well, I've had a few hot streaks before, but it appears I've had another one as of late!

I absolutely did a little dance when I found out I won Neely's Stella and Dot giveaway by Beth. I do not own any Stella and Dot, although I have been lusting after quite a few pieces - the Pippa Stone Earrings to be exact, which made this pretty funny.

These beautiful baubles are on their way to me!

See why I am so excited? I also won a totally random Twitter giveaway from Mrs. Monologues, and I now have a blog button featured on her blog for a month! So, if anyone finds me through that, welcome!

I'm still feeling lucky, so cross your fingers for me!

Mrs. Jones


  1. i love those little stud earrings. love them so much i just may buy them!

  2. You've got a streak going, girl! I can't wait to see what else you win!

  3. YAY! You will LOVE your Stella & Dot!!! You need to host a show so that you can earn free credits and get more stuff! The fall line launched today! Holler if you need a stylist! :D