Thursday, July 26, 2012

FroYo Faves...

There is something about this Alabama heat that just KILLS me. I'm Southern born and raised, but when we hit July and August, I shrivel up and die from the heat. It's miserable. Anyone else with me? I'm just not made for the dog days of summer. Bring on fall and spring!

When it heats up unbearably, I've been slipping away at lunch for a little cool-down treat. FroYo!!!!!!

We have a wide range of options, from TCBY to Yogurt Mountain to Sweet Cece's - and apparently another shop is opening up this fall.

My go to at Sweet Cece's has been this delicious pomegranate raspberry sorbet. It has done me in! So delicious, especially when I top it with fruit!

Something about that sorbet is even better than yogurt to me on the really hot days. I've fallen in love with the pink lemonade sorbet at Yogurt Mountain too. It's the perfect mix of sweet and sour!

What's your go to flavor for cooling down?! Any other Southern girls been trying to beat the heat with me? I feel ya.... Let the countdown to cooler weather begin!

Mrs. Jones


  1. Those look so delicious and refreshing! My go-to flavor is original tart (boring, I know!) with chocolate chips, yogurt chips, and strawberries!

  2. Those look so good! I miss having froyo!

  3. I wish we had more fro-yo chains around here. PinkBerry is the only one here.

  4. Oh lordie, I'm in love with frozen yogurt places with the toppings! The craze has hit St. Louis and we have at least 6 different companies that specialize in the concept! I adore them. They are SO good on a hot day!

  5. If my husband could eat frozen yogurt every day he would! They are on every corner in Fort Worth so we get it a lot! My favorite is anything mango flavored!

  6. Don't get me wrong, I love summer... but the heat is killing me! By the time August rolls around I'm done. TCBY has been a life saver!