Thursday, June 14, 2012

OKC: Wrapping Up

Well, I've entertained you with almost all of my favorite parts of our trip to Oklahoma City, but there are still a few fun randoms (restaurants, hello!!!) to share before we close this chapter.

I visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial with my dad after a beautiful walk through the Myriad Botanical Gardens near our hotel.

It was a stunningly beautiful day, and we enjoyed walking a few miles and exploring together for sure. The garden is one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to check out. 

We checked out many wonderful restaurants, but Crabtown down in Bricktown was one of the favorites. It had the biggest Cobb salad I've ever seen in my life, and I ordered it thinking I was making a sensible, healthy decision. Not so much. But it was great. So was the tuna steak!

In the Bricktown shopping center area with a cute little canal, we found Put A Cork In It, a mini winery that imports their own grapes and creates their own wines. That was a ton of fun, and we all brought back bottles for souvenirs! Mr. Jones received a bottle of Pinot Noir as part of his gift. :-)

Twice during our stay we hit up a Bricktown sushi restaurant called In The Raw - it may have been my mom's favorite meal we had in Oklahoma City! The sushi was so fresh and delicious, it really was amazing. Any other sushi fans?


Riding back to the hotel one night, I spotted this beauty of a contraption. I want it. I need it. The Disney princess in my screams for it. Or at least a long romantic ride in it on a cool autumn night. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

We ventured back to the Myriad Botanical Gardens for a nighttime walk after one of our games, and it was stunning at night as well. Talk about a beautiful evening. That night happened to be one of the nights OKC's Thunder won an NBA conference final game, and watching the set up outside as they prepared for people to exit the arena was a pretty crazy experience as well.

My final note is one many of you have already experienced. Holy Jamba Juice, I was in heaven. Mango-A-Go-Go rocked my little socks off. I wish we had one here at home. I'd ditch Smoothie King in a heartbeat for it. How many blog readers have a Jamba Juice? I'm totally curious.

That pretty much wraps up my trip to OKC! Roll Tide and Happy Thursday everyone!

Mrs. Jones


  1. That sushi looks amazing! :)

  2. We have Jamba Juice, although I wish there were one near our house. I can't stand Smoothie King. I don't know what they add,but I do not like it.

  3. There used to be a Jamba Juice near me...but it closed. I loved the Mango a go go and the Peach pleasure!

  4. That sushi looks awesome but I'm in love with Jamba Juice. I wish they would open one in Missouri but it's probably better for my wallet and waistline that they're not close by!